Gibson Goes Home Again.

1 Jul

Actually, Gibby went home the beginning of June, but he was getting so good at coming back to me, that I refused to write about it.  Anyways, good luck Gibby, can’t imagine a better home for you.  Plus, they are willing to let me see you once you get settled in there and I can’t wait.  I nearly kept the little bugger.GIbson Funny Face


In other news, we’ve been kept busy with coordinating the fosters for TG, and I have a plan for this blog that involved our fosters…stay tunned.


10 Feb

Gibson is back.  His adoption did not work out and I went to get him in Victoria because…well just because he’s Gibby.  I can’t do that for all foster dogs, but for Gib…b)

Anyways, he’s been back two weeks and I’m not sure what to do with him.  I’m not ready to adopt him out yet, because its clear that his skin is irritating him.  We’ve revolutioned, bathed, and now we’ve started him on raw.  I’m going to keep him here until we figure out if its an allergy because:

a) Brendon says we might keep him if we can get it under control

b) wouldn’t want to send him anywhere without being able to tell the adopters honestly what he might need on an ongoing basis

Regardless, he’s still super cute and totally funny, so he’s welcome for as long as he needs to find his forever home – whether its us or someone else.

Gibby 2





Happy Boss-aversary

25 Jan

I will never forget sending Boss (Amos) up North as it was one of the hardest fostering decisions I’ve ever made.  I also will never forget hearing he found his forever home two weeks later.  Thank you Patrick and family for giving him a home better than I ever could have imagined for him.  Happy Boss-aversary.



18 Jan

So its been a bit quiet here, but that’s because Gibson is adopted.  He is still with me though as his new family is on vacation and chose to board him with me instead of having him have to change people a few times right at the beginning of his new life.  Did I mention he’s got the best new family?  They are just perfect for him and although I’m going to miss my little shadow and cuddlebug, I know that he’s going to be so great in his new life.  I get to hug and love him for another week and then he’ll go home.


Come back new family! Take me home!


In other news, I’ve taken on foster coordinating with Turtle Gardens, so I’ve been crazy crazy busy planning for this weekend’s dogrun….I’ll tell stories later.

A year of fosters (and a little bit of Cooper)

31 Dec

Ok, admittedly some of these pictures are from the fall of 2012, but the idea is that here are the fosters we had in 2013.  Amos (now Boss), Rusty and now Gibson.  And since Cooper does all the hard work with these dogs, he made it in this photo collage too.


Amos - Look at my eyes! 

Can you spot the Coonhound?


How much longer is this going to take?

How much longer is this going to take?

Christmas Morning

Cheddar Pup

Ok, I only had Cheddar Pup for a few minutes at a dog run…but he kinda counts right?


Ash and Cooper

photo (1)


heart shaped nose



Handsome boy - just hanging in the sun.  Workin it.

Handsome boy – just hanging in the sun. Workin it.


Dog Park Snuggling




Here’s to another great year of fostering for Turtle Gardens!

He’s a girls dog

27 Dec

imagegibson is a girls dog. He will do anything to hang with me. He tolerates Brendon. He likes Brendon well enough but I have a feeling he will bond with the ladies easier than the men. And because of that, I will miss my little cuddler when he finds his home!

I’m going to look away if the camera is here…

26 Dec

Gibson is not the most photogenic dog.  He’s super cute, but yet seems to melt into whatever back ground we give him.  Or take this, our annual Christmas hiking photo…where he looked away from the camera.  Silly dog.


I’ve started to connect with potential applicants so if you’ve applied, watch your email for a note from me.  There are quite a few good applicants, thought I’m not sure the right one is out there yet.  But I’m sending a few questions out to the applicants to try and get to know them a little better.

Whoever the right family is, they are lucky.  Gibson is so much like Cooper its a bit scary.  He’s happy to be on his own, or with you.  He doesn’t run really far away, but he does need some obedience classes and some more confidence building so I’m looking for the family that can best help with that.

On Patience and Gibson

23 Dec

I’ve had Gibson three weeks tomorrow and he’s teaching me the art of patience.  He needs you to be patient with him.  He needs me to be patient and find him the exact right family.

He had a near perfect family (and this post is not a judgement of them in any way, wrong time for them and they are going to be a great family for a dog).  I loved this family for Gibson.  On paper and in person they ticked all his boxes.  They borrowed him for a morning and he wasn’t ready.  He froze.  He wasn’t happy.  They were going on vacation the next day and without seeing his true personality, they couldn’t commit.  I don’t blame them.

But it taught me that when I’m looking for his family, I’m looking for a family that will understand that they may not see his true personality for a couple weeks.  I’m looking for a family with a strong female because he will trust her first, he needs her to show him not to be scared.  I’m looking for a family that is ok having a shadow at their feet but not until he trust and loves you.  He may not eat for the first 3-4 days.  He just needs time.

There are quite a few applications in for Gibson and I just received them today.  I’ll be looking through them and calling the 3 that seem most promising.  From that, I’ll see if one of them is right.  If none of them are right, I’ll wait for the right family.  If you’ve sent in an application, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, so I know to watch for your application.  Gibson is going to be a great, easy dog for some lucky family, but it has to be a patient, confidence building family.

Getting Gibson

14 Dec

I promised Yvette that I would someday tell the story of getting Gibson, so here it goes…

Sometime ago: Yvette asks for a foster for Gibson among other dogs.  I reply that I would love to take Gibson, but that dog run doesn’t happen.

4 Weeks ago: Again, Gibson is put up for foster, the same day, Lisa B asks me if I will foster Matsqueek.  I say yes tentatively – can’t take barkers.  Feel sad that Gibson won’t come to me.

3.5 Weeks ago: I say no to Matsqueek and email Yvette begging for Gibson.  She says yes I can foster him!  Stan will be coming down soon.

Two Weekends ago: Yvette and I make a plan for me to meet Stan on Monday night.  I promise to go anywhere to get Gibson. BUT…Stan doesn’t have a cell phone (yet…) so Yvette will just have to be the go between and tell me where to find Stan in the big city.

Monday at Noon: Call Yvette to find out where to meet Stan.  Oh No!  Stan has been turned around due to bad weather.  He has only just left TG now.  Can I meet him at the vet Tuesday morning at 9?

Tuesday morning: I can’t go to the Vet, so my wonderful husband (who might tell you he doesn’t even like fostering dogs…) offers to go get him.  I go to work early to be home early to meet the little guy.  I’m so thankful that Brendon will go get him, but jealous that he’ll get to see Stan and meet Gibby first.

8:30: Brendon calls me at work.  Massive accident on the bridge. No way to get to Gibson.  He will take the other bridge, but no chance of getting to Stan on time.  (are we destined to never meet Gibby???).  Can’t call Stan as he doesn’t have cell phone…

8:35am: Can’t stand it.  Decide I’ll use my flexible schedule at work, jump in car.  Call Hemlock Vet (thank you for all you do) and tell them to tell Stan – I’m on my way!  Will be there as quick as I can.  Drive across town – curse all traffic along the way.  Call husband and tell him to meet me at my office.

8:45am: Curse all traffic on Broadway….will Stan have to leave for Dog and his Man show before I can get to Gibby?

9:00am: Take wrong turn (damn Hemlock Animal Hospital for being directly under the Granville St bridge…) and end up downtown.  DOWNTOWN!  Try to get turned around quickly…please Stan don’t leave!

9:05am: Pull into Hemlock Animal Hospital.  See Stan’s truck.  So excited.  Run to the truck!  Get Gibson. Happy Day.  But wait….Grizz is in the truck…Would I like to say hi to him?  You bet I would!  Thank you Stan!

9:10am: 3 Grizz hugs later and Gibson in the car.  Drive back across town to work.  Husband there, but whole work family now knows about Gibson.  Can they meet him?  One at a time I say…he’s had a long day.  But Gibson was a real gentleman and met them all nicely.  Thanks Buddy.

Thank you Yvette and Stan for getting Gibson to me and providing me with the easiest foster yet!IMG_1896[1]


Introducing Gibson

13 Dec


Introducing Gibson.  He’s the easiest foster I’ve ever had and probably won’t be here long because of that.  He’s funny looking with the body of a lab and the legs of a corgi.  He’s a bit shy and nervous at first, but when he warms up to you, he can’t get enough of you.  He’s just starting to act like a funny little dog.  We thought about keeping him, but want something a bit more dog playful for Cooper.  So he’s up for adoption and already has a few applications.  I’m taking my time getting to know him to make sure that he gets the best home for him.  This one is one special little dog.


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