Happy Boss-aversary

25 Jan

I will never forget sending Boss (Amos) up North as it was one of the hardest fostering decisions I’ve ever made.  I also will never forget hearing he found his forever home two weeks later.  Thank you Patrick and family for giving him a home better than I ever could have imagined for him.  Happy Boss-aversary.


One Response to “Happy Boss-aversary”

  1. Molly February 18, 2014 at 2:14 PM #

    We adore Boss, he is such a loving dog. A year has flown by and we cannot imagine life without him. He is Patrick’s constant companion, it is very clear that while he loves his family Patrick is his #1!

    Our only small problem is he just cannot get past the cats as prey. So we have a gate that separates the home in two, one half for the cats and the other for the dogs. Actually Marty our little dog has run of the whole house through an opening that allows for his smaller size, and our little adventurous cat Missy enjoys coming into dog territory and then scooting back as soon as she has attracted Boss attention. For whatever reason she quite enjoys this game! I hope maybe someday they can become friends but as long as everyone is safe and happy that is all that matters!

    Thank you Ashley for fostering and loving Boss, and Turtle Gardens for doing the work they do to bring dogs and families together!

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