10 Feb

Gibson is back.  His adoption did not work out and I went to get him in Victoria because…well just because he’s Gibby.  I can’t do that for all foster dogs, but for Gib…b)

Anyways, he’s been back two weeks and I’m not sure what to do with him.  I’m not ready to adopt him out yet, because its clear that his skin is irritating him.  We’ve revolutioned, bathed, and now we’ve started him on raw.  I’m going to keep him here until we figure out if its an allergy because:

a) Brendon says we might keep him if we can get it under control

b) wouldn’t want to send him anywhere without being able to tell the adopters honestly what he might need on an ongoing basis

Regardless, he’s still super cute and totally funny, so he’s welcome for as long as he needs to find his forever home – whether its us or someone else.

Gibby 2





One Response to “Back”

  1. Meredith February 10, 2014 at 7:25 PM #

    Maybe it was meant to be !!!
    Guinness had really itchy skin when we first got him and it seems to reoccur each spring and fall. Salmon and or yam/sweet potato based foods seem to greatly reduce his skin irritation. He also takes a Healthy Skin and Coat vitamin that is high in Omega 3 during his itchy times ! We also try to keep him out of tall grasses as well as that seems to start the itching cycle. Good luck !

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